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Vladicin Han 28/08/2019



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A superb gig at the first Boban Fest !!!




Everyone talks about them


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Municipality of Vladičin Han

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Your host,

Boban Marković

Boban Marković is one of the most popular brass players in the Balkan region. Boban Marković is a Serbian trumpet player and brass ensemble leader from Vladicin Han in Southern Serbia, frequently recognized as the greatest trumpet player to emerge from the Balkans. Boban Markovic and his brass band had received world acclaim and won numerous awards. The Boban Markovic Orchestra has been the leading Balkan Brass Band in Serbia the last 20 years. They have won several of the most important prizes for their music (“The Golden Trumpet”, “The First Trumpet” and “The Best Orchestra”) at the “Brass bands meeting and competition” in Guca, the Guca Brass Orchestras Festival, established as “Dragacevski Sabor” in 1961 and has been held ever since every August in Guca, Central Serbia. Every year “Sabor trubaca” gathers at least 20 of the best bands from all parts of Serbia and the world, as well as over 500,000 people in the audience. Winning there means more jobs for the bands, but also is so prestigious, that no one misses the festival and all the bands play for free.
Boban Markovic Brass Orchestra won the “Best Orchestra” prize at 40th “Sabor” in Guca, August 2000. They won the “Best concert 2000” prize for their concert with Lajko Felix. In Guca, at Dragacevski Sabor, Boban Markovic won The First Trumpet, what is officially the best prize there and the most wanted among the musicians. It was the first time ever that any musician there got all five marks from all of the jury members. Since winning, Boban Markovic has decided to stop competing and attend the Guca Brass Festival as the honor guest, being the Trumpet Ambassador of the World. 

"I am on my own and at world festivals, while the audience in trance enjoys my music, but Han would not change for any place in the world. All of them are mine, they are the most important, I started there, I would like to finish here my life and professional story. "

Boban Marković

Why the festival in Vladicin Han?

Boban fest


Boban fest

Vladicin Han is the place where the arrival of this world, but also the departure from him follows the sound of the trumpet. Here, the best weddings and joy can not be achieved without a trumpet orchestra, here it is rejoicing and grieving with the trumpet, and the famous trumpet greeting, somehow there is no such echo as in Han, and therefore the story of Boban Markovic and all the trumpeters of this region is most appropriate to finish it:

"Play the trumpet, play for long, for joy and for nothing else!"

The idea of Boban Fest was created on these foundations. As an eternal trace of the music giant Boban Markovic and his love of Vladicin Han.


Vladičin Han

Elevation: 386 m

Postal code: 17510

Weather: 22°C, Wind N at 8 km/h, 58% Humidity

Hotels: 3-star averaging RSD 2,701, 5-star averaging RSD 3,720. 

Dear friends


Dress Code

No strict dress code but please, bring a good mood .

Box Office

The entrance is free!!!


Free parking is available on site

however space is limited.



Vladičin Han




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